5 Free Alternatives to Netflix and Hulu for Movie Streaming

We all enjoy watching movies; we talk about them, argue about them and are even willing to pay for them. But with the advancements of technology, we don’t really need to spend so much to just watch our favourite movies. Two main apps for movies that we all know are Netflix and Hulu. Netflix is a premium subscription service whose costs range between $8.99 to $15.99 and these costs are the increased ones compared to last year. Hulu, on the other hand, ranges between $5.99 to $44.99, also increased costs and quite expensive looking. These apps increase their subscription costs at least yearly, and this is very discouraging for we movie lovers.

So instead of spending that money on movies, why don’t you just get your movies for free and keep your money? There are a lot of great websites and apps for you to get free movies, anime and tv series, some of them do not even need an account or a subscription. 

  1. YouTube: This is one website and app that is usually the last choice of movie watchers because they believe that YouTube is only for streaming music videos and movie trailers. But a lot of production companies actually upload their movies on YouTube and these movies are always free and available. Like this, everyone wins. It is also a great choice because YouTube can stream HD videos of high quality no matter the network issues
  2. Crackle: This is another great way to stream Hollywood movies and TV shows. If you’ve decided to use it, you can easily sign up on the app and the app is so user-friendly that you can personalise your options. You can sync a playlist or the last play progress on your account so that if you use another device, you would continue from wherever you stopped and you won’t lose any movies or TV shows.
  3. Viewster: If you love movies, TV shows and even Anime, this app allows you to stream a lot of them for free and you don’t even need a subscription. One thing about this app that its users love, is that you do not even have to sign up to watch a movie. All you have to do is have the app and you would be allowed to pick a movie, TV show or Anime from their large portfolio.
  4. SnagFilms: This app has over five thousand movies, TV shows and even documentaries. Whatever you’re looking for, this app probably has it; this is because the app is updated every month with new movies and TV shows, so you do not miss anything new. One unique feature of this app is the fact that it is supported by Android TV. This means that you can download the app, sync it to your TV and watch movies on your television as long as your smart TV can sync with Android TV.
  5. VideoMix: Although this app does not have a modern look, no one really cares because it does a great job with letting you stream new movies and TV shows on your Android. The app streams these movies and TV shows from other sources like Putlocker or GorillaVid. The app would download the movie and then you can use a video player like MX Player or VLC to download the movie and start watching it. To help you decide the movie you want to watch, this app provides the trailer of the movie, details and ratings, and a lot of other details that you cannot even get from IMDb.

Now that you’ve found out easier ways to watch your movies apart from Netflix and Hulu, you can keep your money and get started. If you still need more apps, these free alternatives for movie watching are all great choices depending on what you love. I guess this is good news to all movie lovers out there. So, what’s your favourite Netflix alternative? Let us know in the comments.

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How To Disable Windows Smart Screen on Windows 10

Smartscreen filter may save your PC from getting attacked by malicious apps or phishing attacks. But, you can easily disable Windows SmartScreen in some steps.

Firstly, let us discuss what is Smartscreen Technology and how is it beneficial for your PC.

With growing phishing attacks and malware every day, Windows introduced SmartScreen technology for Internet Explorer to save users from the aforementioned. Later it was integrated with the Operating System from the launch of Windows 8.

How does Smartscreen work?

When you download an application, Smartscreen runs and sends information to the Microsoft servers. This information is checked and analyzed. This security feature will show a warning to you if the app is found malicious. It will also prevent you from running that application, thus saving your PC from these attacks.

You can disable Windows Smartscreen on Windows 10 by following these simple steps:

  1. Go on Start Menu and search for ‘Windows Security’. Windows has renamed Windows Defender to Windows Security
  2. Open ‘Windows Security’ and click on ‘App and Browser Control’ tab on the left panel
  3. Now check on the right panel, Smartscreen is enabled by default. It also is set to send warning message in case of any suspicious activity
  4. Select Radio Option, ‘Off’ to disable the filter and warning messages
  5. Users are provided with the options to ‘Warn’ or ‘Block’ while enabling Smartscreen
  6. Selecting ‘Warn’ will give Smartscreen permission to send you Warning messages when the user tries to open any unrecognized or app or file. The user can further decide to open or run the file or app
  7. If ‘Block’ option is selected, Smartscreen filter will send a warning message and automatically block the suspicious app

Now let’s discuss how to disable Smartscreen filter for Windows 8.1

Earlier Smartscreen technology was available for Internet Explorer only. However, in Windows 8.1 it was integrated with the Operating System. It stops the users to open any unrecognized app or files. The security feature may be annoying for some. Users can get rid of Smartscreen feature by following simple steps.

  1. Open Control Panel from the Start Menu
  2. Click on ‘System and Security’
  3. In the left corner, you will see ‘Change Windows Smartscreen Settings’. Click on it.
  4. Select ‘Don’t do anything’, turn off Windows Smartscreen.
  5. Click OK. This is how Smartscreen feature is disabled

How to disable Smartscreen in Windows 7

For Windows 7, Smartscreen technology worked with internet explorer. Thus, you need to follow these steps to disable it.

  1. Open your browser. Go on ‘Tools Menu’.
  2. Select ‘Internet Options’.
  3. Click on ‘Advanced Tab’. Open Security in the Settings list.
  4. Select or clear Smartscreen Filter box.


Smartscreen technology is useful against any type of phishing or malware attack. The security feature can save your PC from any malicious activities. If you need to disable the filter, do check the ‘Warn’ tab. This way you will receive a warning message before running any unknown app or file.

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